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Bridge between You and Your People & Belongings

GPS Tracking platform in india  that is usefull to  locate the Persons,Pets  and  vehicles .  using GPS tracking service, you will locate your childern ,Pets ,Vehicles & Your belongings whenever and wherever through inter net or your mobile  it is 24/7 ,365 days Servicebile  it is 24/7 ,365 days Service

GPS Tracking service consists of:





    History of your Family and Vehicle movement

    Useful in reviewing the travel log of your vehicle or childern. GPS Tracker can precisely display the position  at any moment Report avilable daily,weekly,monthly

    Be notified via SMS

     when your childern,family members or vehicle has bee crossed specific area For Example:If your vehicle,childern is  crossed your specified area,a sms alert can be given to your mobile

    Now your bike &Car is safe against theives.

    bikes are  frequently stolen by theives .Protect your bike and trace your stolen bike any where .

     Vehicles that need constant monitoring 

    GPS tracking system allows you to trace your vehicles instantly, and at a much lower acquisition and operating cost compared to other tracking systems.

    Need to track valuable goods and shipments

    GPS & GIS Development

    GIS or Geographical Information Systems is a technology that enables people to locate predefined locales on a variety of platforms. GIS development is a highly skilled niche that needs a lot of flexibility and portability and thus a very high degree of precision and software skills. GIS development has a wide range of applications that encompass almost all industries.

    Our GIS development team is skilled at developing applications that cater to a wide range of industries including company-wide GIS services, operational systems, mobile applications, asset management, internet based GIS applications and enterprise-wide solutions. In a lot of cases our GIS development solutions act as the controlling parameters for the rest of the enterprise-wide networks.

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